i've been lonely all along ー

ー what a joke, right?

about me!

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spanish/english ok!

enfj-t 3w2 397
scorpio sun, capricorn moon, sagittarius rising

bi trans boy, taken

before you follow

- adults can follow, just don't be creepy

- i kin, unfortunately

- please dm me if i ever do anything wrong!

- read my blacklist too please

don't follow if

- you believe that pronouns = gender

- you shit on neopronouns/xenogenders

- you support right wing parties

- basic dni criteria. you know who you are

- you hate my faves

- you know me irl. get out of here

- you don't use she/her for arashi narukami

- you hate my friends

- you get into discourse extremely often

- you think cringe culture exists. it's 2020

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main: a3, enstars, love live, aaside, 22/7, revstar

other: garupa, vocaloid

non-fandom interests: languages, acting, drawing, editing + more!

(i post my art sometimes. please don't repost/save it)

faves !!

yuki rurikawa, nazuna nito and hanayo koizumi are my favourite characters ever!

more faves:

ll: kanan, umi, nico, yohane, dia, emma, shizuku
bandori: maya, ran, kasumi, hagumi + pasupare
revstar: meifan, maya, rui, karen, junna
enstars: 2wink + ra*bits + switch + rst; tsukasa, keito, leo
a3: muku, hisoka, azami, taichi + natsugumi
22/7: nicole, akane, reika, miyako, ayaka
aaside: aoi, shuu, koharu, yuuto, reon

even more faves:

ryuji korekuni, saburo yamada, rinze morino,
kiyomi saejima, tsubaki miyabino, tomoe miwa,
ashley (lapis relights), kantera, cody (end roll)

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friends !!!

you guys are like a family to me!! i love you all so much

+ these amazing people!
thank you sm for being my friend and supporting me!

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things i need tagged: eyelessness, transphobia, smoking (drawings of the latter are fine)

please avoid using the word tr*p around me

don't call me a prodigy either (unless we're joking around)

PLEASE do not make fun of/point out how hard it is for me to get some stuff (esp. jokes).


the end!

thanks for reading my carrd! have a nice day/night!


    ♡ with yuki ♡

      ♡ with nazuna ♡

        ♡ with hanayo ♡