that’s right, i'm sure i just want to
stay the way i am

about me!

- charlie
- she/they/he
- minor
- esp/eng ok!
- bi (taken)
- enfj-t 2w3

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please tag: eyelessness and smoking

if you need anything tagged, please let me know!


- adults can follow, just don't be creepy
- i keysmash, swear and use caps a lot
- i don't mind if you rt/post nsfw but if you do it a lot i'll probably unfollow
- english isn't my native language so please tell me if i make any mistakes!
- i don't like discourse so please don't talk to me about it
- i'll occasionally RT/talk about kpop, but this is not a kpop account


- general dni criteria (lgbt+phobic, racist, ship incest, etc)
- you're ableist
- you want to start drama with me
- you hate my favourite characters
- you know me irl

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- love live!
- bandori
- revue starlight
- ensemble stars
- a3!
- vocaloid

- languages
- geography/history
- acting
- drawing

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- ll: hanayo, kanan, emma, umi, nico, honoka
- bandori: maya, ran, kasumi, eve, chisato
- revstar: meifan, maya, rui, karen
- enstars: nazuna, hinata, yuuta, hajime
- a3: yuki, muku, hisoka, azami

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friends! ♡

really really cool people!! i love them all a lot!

lu, nori, star, lemon, sam, luna, lucia, rara, sabe, anto, şeyma, totty, frama, irene, hope, eco, annie, morgan, marian, ronda, naru, bailey, fi, ken, yurika, bri, bea, lucía, indigo, mu, lewis, kyuu, blaky, nico, yachiyo, evan, jonás, andrea, etana, leon, ivy, dev, mythie, mon, rikka, bleu, nash!

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thank you so much for reading until the end! have a nice day ♡


favourite groups/ships

- ll: printemps, azalea / chikadia, rinpana, honoumi, hanaumi
- bandori: pasupare / misahagu, kokohina, kaotsugumaya
- revstar: siegfeld, rinmeikan / meikira, junyuyu, tamarui
- enstars: ra*bits, 2wink, switch / tomohaji, yuushino
- a3: natsugumi, akigumi / mukuyuki


you've probably already noticed, but i really love yuki rurikawa a lot. he and hanayo koizumi are my favourite characters ever, they've helped me a lot and i often talk about them. if you don't like them, i don't recommend following.

i also love rarepairs a lot but i'm fine with all popular pairs so feel free to discuss them with me!


    ♡ with hanayo ♡

      ♡ with yuki ♡

      i am so sorry.

      these are all in order
      i'm perfectly fine with doubles!

      yuki rurikawaact! addict! actors!
      yuuta aoiensemble stars!
      liu meifanrevue starlight
      eve wakamiyabang! dream
      maya tendourevue starlight
      maya yamatobang! dream
      hina hikawabang! dream
      hajime shinoensemble stars!
      kasumi toyamabang! dream
      aya maruyamabang! dream
      chisato shirasagibang! dream
      natsume sakasakiensemble stars!