that’s right, i’m sure i just want to stay the way i am

about me!

hello! i'm aoi, nice to meet you~

i go by she/her pronouns!

i'm a minor!
(i'd rather not say my age publicly, sorry)

i'm from spain!

i can speak spanish and english!

i'm a true neutral + an enfj-t!

bisexual and taken!

i love making friends! feel free to interact, but please read the rest of my carrd before you do ♡

before you follow!

my account is very RT heavy. i also swear and keysmash a lot + caps

i tend to get affecionate with people, so if this bothers you please let me know!

i tend to talk a lot about what i like, and i can be annoying at times. please tell me if i'm being too enthusiastic ;;

i'm OK with adults following! just don't be creepy

this is lovemail heaven. i'm always screaming about my favourite characters, and by always i mean always

i don't mind if you post NSFW from time to time! i'll just ignore it. that being said, i don't like my TL full of NSFW, so if you post/RT a lot of it, i'll end up unfollowing you

english isn't my native language, and i would appreciate it a lot if you could tell me when i make a mistake!

do not follow if...

you're a terf

you're a (no)map/pear

you're lgbt+phobic

you ship/support incest

you hate my favourite characters

you support the spanish far right party vox (please go away)

you hate on other people because of what they like. this is extremely important to me, if you do this, i won't hesitate to hardblock you.

you just want to start drama with me

please tag...

(note: it's okay if you can't tag this stuff! i can't force anyone to do so, but if you don't mind please tag it)



+ be extra careful when talking about bullying, i can handle it, just be careful please (also if you romanticise it then go away)


bold = main interest ; italic = currently getting into it ; plain = i don't really talk about it but i still love it


love live!
revue starlight



note: feel free to tell me about your interests, even if they aren't listed here!

favourite characters!!

bold text is for mega faves!!

love live: hanayo, kanan, umi, yohane, emma, ai
chikadia ♡ rinpana ♡ hanaumi
printemps ☆ azalea

bandori: maya, ran, kasumi
misahagu ♡ kokohina ♡ mayaeve ♡ kaotsugumaya
pasupare ☆ roselia

revue starlight: meifan, maya, rui
meikira ♡ junyuyu ♡ tamarui

a3: yuki, muku, misumi
natsugumi ☆ harugumi

enstars: hinata, yuuta, nazuna, hajime, tsumugi, natsume, sora
ra*bits ☆ switch ☆ 2wink

vocaloid: tianyi, aoki lapis, gumi

note: i love every single character tbh, i can't hate any of them!! feel free to talk to me about your faves even if they aren't here☆


this is where my friends are! i love all of them so much i could cry

♡ ♡ ♡

♡ ♡ ♡

extended byf

some important stuff that i can't put on the normal byf for aesthetic purposes

i have a priv, @kodoku_naheaven. it's basically where i cry, i'll only accept mutuals/friends i trust.